APRIL 2014

Trip Feature: Greek Isles Odyssey – Just added!

Discover incredible ancient wonders on this Greek Isles odyssey from Istanbul to Athens while sailing the Aegean Sea aboard the elegant Riviera, Oceania Cruise’s newest ship. Begin in Turkey’s magnificent capital, Istanbul, studded with exquisite mosques, palaces and churches.


Trip Feature: Normandy: 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Due to the high demand for this trip, we have added a second departure. From your base in the seaside town of Carbourg, celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day by journeying to Omaha Beach and the cemeteries, memorials and landmarks of the Allied victory.


Trip Feature: Accent on the Rivieras

From graceful medieval villages to picturesque seaside towns and glamorous resorts, discover the unrivaled beauty of the French and Italian Rivieras. Depart Rome and sail up the coast to the port of Livorno, your gateway to the world-class Renaissance cities of Florence and Pisa, and the celebrated landscapes of Tuscany.


Trip Feature: Polar Bears of Churchill

Each October and November, hundreds of polar bears descend upon the small seaport of Churchill, Manitoba--accessible only by air or rail--in anticipation of the annual freezing of the Hudson Bay. When the ice hardens, the bears can begin their hunt for ringed seal.


Traveler Feature: Anne Bloom ’56 SMC and Dot Henley

During their weekly bridge game at the home of Anne Bloom ’56 SMC, Dot Henley saw an ND Travel brochure for the Tanzania Safari During the Great Migration trip on the kitchen counter.  Henley, a biology teacher for 40 years, had always wanted to see the Great Migration, the Serengeti’s annual wildebeest and zebra migration to areas of better grazing.


Trip Feature: Idaho Outdoor Adventure

Notre Dame and Northwest Voyageurs would like to invite you to join us for an adventure-filled week in west-central Idaho August 3-9, 2014. This is a multi-sport adventure that will allow you to experience this breathtaking land in a multifaceted way.


Trip Feature: Historic Reflections

Discover the eternal beauty of Southern Europe, where history is reflected in charming, timeworn buildings, exquisite architecture, and miraculous landscapes, as you cruise along the coasts of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Monaco, France and Spain. Depart Athens for Santorini, a Greek island draped in beautiful, chalk-white villages overlooking the impossibly blue Mediterranean.


Trip Feature: Pearls of the Mediterranean

Discover the classic pearls of the Mediterranean as you cruise from Monte Carlo to Barcelona, calling on revered ports—from rustic seaside villages to grand, centuries-old cities. Depart Monte Carlo for picturesque Portofino, where a 16th-century castle overlooks its quaint, pastel-colored harbor, and then on to the Eternal City of Rome, where legendary, historical monuments abound.


Host Profile: Prof. Gretchen Reydams-Schils

Professor Gretchen Reydams-Schils, the chair of the Program of Liberal Studies at Notre Dame, also serves as a host for ND Travel. In her professional work, she teaches Great Books seminars and philosophy classes, based on her expertise in ancient philosophy but covering a wide range of thinkers.


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