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Father Edward Sorin, C.S.C., founded the University of Notre Dame with the intention that it would become “one of the most powerful means for doing good in this country.” And every day, we know our alumni, parents, and friends work to make his vision a reality.

The Notre Dame Alumni Association is dedicated to honoring these outstanding achievements of our graduates, faculty, staff, and extended family. Our awards are in six categories where the University encourages excellence:


Nominations are encouraged by all alumni, parents, and friends of the University. The awards have deadlines distributed at different times throughout the year. Please refer to the individual award categories for further information on the timeline for submissions.

Nominations will be kept on file for a period of three years.
Please note: Nominees must be an alumnus or alumna of the University, with the exception of the Sexton Award, the Putz Award, and the Volunteer of the Year award.

The nomination process is now open for four Alumni Association awards. The deadline is Saturday, March 1, 2014, so make your nomination today.

The Rev. John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C., Award for Outstanding Civil Service: Established in 1985, this award is conferred on an alumnus/alumna (living or deceased) who is or has performed outstanding service in the field of government, patriotism, public service, local, state, and national politicsNOMINATE

The Rev. William Corby, C.S.C., Award for Distinguished Military Service
Established in 1985, this award is conferred on an alumnus/alumna (living or deceased) who has distinguished himself or herself in military service. The award is presented in honor of Notre Dame's third president, who was a celebrated Civil War chaplain in the Union army's Irish Brigade. NOMINATE

The Harvey G. Foster Award
Established in 1982, the Harvey G. Foster Award is conferred on alumni (living or deceased), some of whom are athletes or in athletic endeavors, who have distinguished themselves through civic or University activities. NOMINATE

The Volunteer of the Year Award
Established in 2012, this award will recognize a volunteer who continually goes beyond expectations to ensure success for their club, class, or group and the Notre Dame Alumni Association. These volunteers are often referred to as the “unsung heroes” of their group. NOMINATE 

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